Back in the 70s Lars’ father – Jens Christian Andreasen - started an insulation company and he invented a prototype of the portable hand-held swaging/beading.

In the 80s Lars was educated machinist and master machinist, he travelled the world working as a master machinist. Though his work he saw the potential need for the portable hand-held swaging/beading machine within the thin sheet metal industry.

In 1998 he founded the company Brila Teknik. Concurrently with him continuing working as master machinist around the world, he further developed and improved the portable hand-held swaging/ beading machine to the high quality portable hand-held swaging/beading machine Brila Teknik produces today.

Through the years Lars invented and developed several different working tools for the thin sheet metal industry, including the punching machine we produce today.

As master machinist Lars also worked with exhaust silencers for CHA plants or for boilers and engines on board ships and has thereby achieved more than 20 years of experience.

Today the exhaust silencers are an integral part of Brila Teknik and we deliver to both large and small companies in Denmark.

We are good at finding durable solutions for many different tasks that would otherwise be problematic for the company in question.

In 2022 Hanne became a full-time employee, she is educated within the health field, so it was quite a career change. Hanne takes care of the administration, purchase, delivery, branding of the company and helping in the production.

Brila Teknik is today managed by Hanne and Lars and we pride ourselves for having customers in Scandinavia, Europe, Great Britain, Australia and USA.

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